Instant Garden Pod’s

Introducing Simply Green’s new Instant Veggie Garden Pods ™ service. 

We supply ready and almost ready to pick veggies and herbs in portable growing-boxes, you pick produce from your own garden as required and we replace your veggie or herb boxes with a new batch when you have completed picking.

Instant Garden Pods  are deal for: 

  • Guest houses
  • Holiday homes
  • Restaurants
  • Small gardens and apartments
  • Veg and herb pickers who struggle to growing their own produce

How it Works

  1. We will grow what you need and replace your veggie or herb pod whenever you have completed picking.
  2. We grow for restaurants and guest houses and replace pods with full ready to pick veggies and herbs as required.
  3. We grow your  veggie and herb pods for your holiday house and have it ready for picking when you arrive.

Our service includes 

  • We grow and supply Instant Garden Pods for restaurants and guest houses who wish to pick produce from their own garden. We replace boxes with full ready to pick veggies and herbs as required.
  • Exchange system for you Instant Veggie pod  we grow you pick
  • Professionsal service and expertise in growing your Instant garden Pod’s
  • Supply and delivery of all components from Pods to Plants to get you instantly picking from your Instant Veggie Garden Pod patch.
  • Design and installation of customised Instant Veggie Garden Pod patches to match your requirements and design style

Prices start at R450 per planted box

Replacement boxes start at R180 per box

Refundable deposit of R100 per box

Delivery cost varies on location and quantities

Custom installations and designs available on request

For more info contact Drew on 082 339 1240